Bad Casino plays

Dumb casino betting ideas, these are bad ideas that people who really aren’t familiar with casino gambling, how they would go into a

casino and play and they think these are good ideas and they don’t know anything at all.

There’s a term for them and we call them ploppies,so the reason they’re called ploppies is

because they have no idea about anything in casinos and they walk into a casino

and they just plop down in the chair at the first game they see, they don’t care

what it is they don’t care what the rules are they don’t care if they know

how to play they just plop down in the chair and that’s what and then they start


As there’s a lot of topics we’re going to cover we’re breaking this into three different parts

there are ideas we’re going to discuss today we’re going to do the first five

Let’s start it off with number one This theory that if you double your

bet after a loss you’ll eventually have to win  that’s a bad idea and

people know this as the martingale system, it’s a very famous system and has

been around forever but it it’s a bad idea because

what you’re doing is you’re making a bet based on what happened in the past.

Let’s take roulette as an example, each spin of the wheel

is an independent event so whatever happened in the past doesn’t affect

what’s going to happen in the future this is sometimes called a gambler’s

fallacy but let’s say black has come in five times in a row and they say oh well you know

red is due red is due to come in it so I’m going to bet red

and it really doesn’t matter because the the wheel doesn’t have a memory,

it doesn’t know what happened in the past, every time you spin the wheel

the odds are independent of what happened in the past

and it’s really not that hard for eight  red or black to come in a row.

So if a roulette wheel the average spin is so many times an hour

so you go so many hours a day and  the math is there

that at least once a day you should have a series  of  eight in a row either red or black

odd or even high or low so it’s not that uncommon for for that to happen

and that’s going to give you some more information here concerning

blackjack so the main  problem with the martingale system is that either a,

you’re going to run out of money if you keep doubling your bet every time you lose

or b, what a lot of people don’t realize is that you’re going to get

issues with the table limit so say you’re sitting at a blackjack table

minimum bet is ten dollars maximum bet is five hundred dollars which is pretty

run-of-the-mill for a table, the issue with this is if you

start betting ten dollars you can only make six bets in a row if you keep losing by

doubling them before you hit the table limit You might think it’s really hard to

lose six hands in a row in blackjack but if you’ve played enough blackjack you

know it happens very often, you actually have a one in

chance of losing six hands in a row in blackjack, it’s even easier to do in that

than it is to do in roulette and on top of that the other issue with

the martingale system is say you lost those five hands in a row

you get to your sixth hand you’re betting dollars which is

not a small amount of money to be betting on one hand to blackjack

even if you win that three hundred and twenty dollars on the previous five

hands you lost three hundred and ten dollars so even if you’re betting three hundred and

twenty dollars and you win that bet you’re only up ten dollars why

would you ever want to bet three hundred and twenty dollars to be up a net total

of ten dollars  that’s just crazy and since it’s blackjack if you’re betting three

hundred and twenty dollars what happens if you get an and you need to double

down what happens if you get two aces and you need to split them you know

it’s just then it’s gonna get real expensive real fast and that is why doubling your bet

after a loss is not a good idea.

Number two that we  have here is people that say that live kino is

a good game to play why is that a bad idea, we do an analysis every year of the casino

advantage on the games and what they

actually make and kino always comes in as the worst game and has now this is live kino

we’re talking about not the electronic machine game that should that you sit

down and play at a terminal so this is live keno in a lounge where

they either electronically draw the balls or they have the systems or they draw the

balls by hand whatever so it’s about a house edge so it’s definitely the worst

game in the casino. Now the only good thing about it

is you can play it for a dollar or   it’s not an expensive game

and it goes rather slowly you can  play about  games an hour now maybe six times

Now once every minutes but now there is an interesting hook

that has  in how to get your money’s worth when playing keno it’s an interesting idea

yeah we had heard this somebody told us this years ago and i just thought it was

the funniest thing ever and it’s always

stuck in my head so i always have to

bring it up

i forget who it was but we were talking

to somebody about how to save money in


and this guy said that if you ever want

to drink for free in a casino

you walk into the kino lounge and you

just walk around and you pick up all the

keynote tickets that are on the floor

that people got upset that they lost and just threw everywhere

and you go around and you pick them up and then you go sit in a chair and you

just hold all these keynote tickets in your hand and you make it look like

you’re betting a lot of money playing keno but with all these tickets

and you’re not actually betting anything because you they were just tickets you

found on the floor and then the waitress will come up and ask you what you want

to drink and you just let her know and she thinks you’re a high roller because you’ve got

all these keynote tickets that you didn’t pay for.

Number three in our list of dumb betting ideas is always fit max coins when playing a slot

machine and so there’s a lot of difference as  many people know there’s a lot of

different slot machines out there on the market and while some of these machines it’s

not a terrible idea to bet max coins on some of them it is a terrible idea

and you definitely don’t want to bet max coins on a machine

that gives you no benefit and what it is it’ll say it’ll have the pay table

for one coin it’ll have the pay table for two coins it’ll have the pay table

for three coins and most of the time the way they would

get you to bet max coins is say the top award the jackpot

whatever the three bells or whatever the top award is you

bet one coin it was like . if you bet two coins it was a thousand

and if you bet three coins it jumped to like or something

so in a case like that it was it made sense to it makes sense to bet max coins

however some of them were just a straight multiplier

where the top award one coin was two coins was a thousand

three coins is in that case there’s really no point to betting max coins

because the only thing you’re getting is you’re getting three times your

wager but if you just bet one coin it’s the same ratio you’re just getting

three times the award because you’re betting three times the money

and there are a few other cases on the video slots that can go over

here Nowadays most people like to play these slot machines that have bonus

rounds and you don’t have to bet max coins in most instances, you don’t have to bet

max coins to be eligible for the bonus rounds usually what you have to do is just

have to put one coin on each pay line so let’s say that you can do

coins on one line with a lot of them now is.

So if you do or you can bet max coins is you don’t have to bet

you can bet and you’ll be eligible for the bonus round you always want to make sure that

you bet just enough to be eligible for the bonus round that’s important because

when these games are manufactured there’s a base game

which will return a certain amount and then there’s extra

which comes from the bonus round so if you never bet enough to make the bonus

rounds you won’t get the full payback percentage on that machine

so you always want to make sure you’ve had enough to be eligible

for the bonus round but you don’t have to bet the max now to know for sure

you could go in and look at the  information screen on the machine

but i would say probably  of the games today if you’re just about

one coin on each

pay line you’ll be eligible for the

bonus round. Now there is one exception

to what we’re talking about here,

always betting max coin, and that is on

these wide area progressive jackpots

these ones that have one million . two million

three million

up to five million and more for these

giant jackpots they’re all linked

together through a central computer

on those games you do want to make sure

that you

bet maximum coins  whenever

you are playing a giant progressive like

that because if you don’t do that

you’re just building up a jackpot for

someone else to win,

you will not be eligible to win those

jackpots unless you bet max coin

so that is the one exception to this


and number four on our list of

dumb casino betting ideas

is that when you’re playing blackjack to

play the exact same way that the dealer


Some people think this is a good

idea so if the dealer’s playing by

these rules they must be good and if i

do the same thing I  can do just as

well as the dealer.

Well no you can’t and the big

problem is

the game of blackjack the house

gets its advantage

by you going first because if you

bust first you lose if the dealer busts

after you don’t get any money back

you’ve already lost so that’s the big

problem with following this kind of


We had a

gentleman named colin from blackjack

apprenticeship on and he had said the

last time we interviewed him

that he analyzed this game and realized

that it was one of the worst strategies

you can possibly have in blackjack

so i reached out to him this morning to

ask him

just how bad it was and he said that

if you’re

taking the exact same rules the

dealer has, if you hit

on anything or below and you stand on

anything or above

no matter what he said you’re gonna have

between a

five and a six percent edge over you

from the house

and that might not sound that bad five

to six percent because there’s

definitely games in a casino that are

far worse than that

but if you think that think about it if

you are playing perfect basic strategy

depending on the rules

the house edge is between a half a

percent and three quarters of a percent

so this can be up to times as high

that you’re giving up to the house

just for playing by

the same way the dealer does, so do

you want to give up times as much

money as you have to?

No so that’s you’re just going to

want to steer clear of that one completely.

Okay number five on our list of dumb

betting ideas

concerns table games and that is

that making

side bets on table games is a good idea,

no it’s not generally those bets are put


because these are rather low paying

low house edge. Well not always low

house edge bets

but they’re ways to increase the house

edge over the basic game

itself now these side bets a lot of

times you’ll see it

a little display on the on the table

itself and they’ll have these

progressive jackpots that you can win

and they build up and eventually someone


win it but if there’s a side bet there

you can be pretty sure that it’s

probably a bad bet

yes the the things that really

pull these people into making the

side bets and I gotta say

they are fun bets on occasion I will

make the most of the time if I’ve been


but so one example is on blackjack

they have a thing that’s most casinos

have it it’s to match the dealer

and as I just said before about average

the house edge on a normal blackjack game is

about . to .

so it’s less than one percent if you’re

playing perfect basic strategy

so it’s a good game to play the match

the dealer different casinos have

different pay tables for it

but the house edge on that ranges from

. percent

all the way up to . so like I said

this is just the way that casinos

have designed the game

so that they can make more money in

the long run because why would the

casino only want to make a half a

percent edge over players when they can

add a side bet

and make four almost five percent off

the players you know

another one example is three card


depending on the pay table three card

poker has a house edge of anywhere from

three point three to four point

two eight percent it’s based on the

pay table

and they’ve added a new side bet on

these this game called the six card


and that has a house edge of up to .


and if you think that’s bad it gets even

worse like what steve was saying when

they have these

displays digitalized displays where they

have the progressive meter that keeps

going up

and generally there’s some sort of

lights on the table

uh if you want to make that side bet

it’s there’s lots of bells and whistles

to attract you to those side bets

and there is a reason for that the


popular progressive side bet which

on the three card poker is getting

a suit a mini royal of a certain suit

i think it’s

spades or clubs i forget which one it is


uh when that meter resets to wherever it

starts at so if somebody were to just

hit it

it starts at a house edge of .

which is incredibly high especially

since the base game itself only has a

house edge of

three to four point two eight percent

so it’s just huge there

and mind you as the progressive goes

up the house edge on the casino

of on the bed itself starts to shrink so

i think

the house edge goes down i think it’s

two percent for every thousand dollars


the ticker goes up for the progressive

so it does

it doesn’t always stay at but just

the fact that it starts there is

mind blowing i knew it was a bad bet but

i didn’t even know it was that bad

until i looked it up

all right that concludes part one of our

look at

dumb casino betting ideas don’t forget

we’re gonna come back with part two

another five and part three another font

yeah and if you like the video.

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