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Hey, slots enthusiast! Every winning slots strategy has advantages and disadvantages including Only Winning Immediately. Plus, how do we optimize it? That’s coming up!

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If you’ve ever walked into a casino, looked around, and wondered what’s going on with slots and more, I can help.

Beginning with Only Win Immediately, I’m starting a new weekly series on my winning slots strategies.

I’ll upload my other strategies on Thursdays for a few months.

After over a dozen visits within three months at a local pari-mutual racetrack with slot machines, I identified a clear pattern to winning I’d not seen before.

Using it, I won six taxable jackpots over the next two months.

As you should be asking yourself at this point, did I make a profit? Yes, I did.

The true power of this strategy is that nearly all its winnings are profit.

How did I discover this winning slots strategy? I had help.

As usual when I first visit a new-to-me casino, I engaged in conversations with slot attendants and floor managers about recent jackpot winners.

They told me about slot machine gamblers who had won quite a few taxable jackpots when moving from machine to machine, one taxable jackpot after another.

Yes, casino employees TOLD ME.

All I had to do was listen and think about what they were saying.

Obviously, this newly renovated casino had set up its slot machines to perform this way for good business reasons.

Unfortunately for casinos employing this standard casino business practice, it can be heavily leveraged by a savvy slots enthusiast that spots this relatively easy-to-see pattern.

Here it is. The pattern was Every taxable jackpot won occurred within the first few bets on a machine.

After that first jackpot, called a taste, either large and taxable or small and not taxable, I wouldn’t win another jackpot for what seemed like, in my experience, a long time. Hours. I saw this behavior again and again, from every slot machine I played. Having now learned how this Only Win Immediately approach works, we’re not done here. Be sure to keep watching to also understand its advantages, disadvantages, as well as tips and tricks on how to make the most of using it. With this brand spanking new slots strategy in hand, I decided to play only high limit slot machines for five spins or less if I won any sort of jackpot. Why only spins? Why not or spins? We’ll talk about that in a few minutes.

Next, I made a not unreasonable assumption that this pattern applied to every machine. Finally, and this is something I really thought was interesting, I realized this pattern didn’t require much money to be successful. I decided I’d try using it with a relatively small bankroll of $ within that casino’s high limit slot machine area. I carefully made my desired bankroll in overtime pay, waited for payday, withdrew my $ bankroll, then went back to this casino intent on using this and only this strategy to assess its relative level of success. I’d sit at one machine, put the whole bankroll into it, and play maximum bets until I’d placed bets or won anything.

Then I’d move to the next slot machine and repeat the process. I did this again and again, on machine after machine, right down one row and up another. At that time for that casino, I’d usually win a jackpot before spending % of my bankroll on an individual slot machine. During the visit that I first deliberately tried this strategy, I won three taxable jackpots on three different machines in minutes, each jackpot occurring about six to seven minutes apart. Thankfully, the slot operators at this new casino were highly efficient. Nevertheless, each time I won a taxable jackpot it took about five minutes for the slot operator to take my government issued I.D., complete the paperwork, clear the machine, and then go off to retrieve my hand payout for the jackpot I’d just won. It was at this point that I’d cash out of the slot machine I was on and move to the next machine, where I’d proceed to again win a jackpot within only a handful of plays.

Once again, a slot operator would arrive to complete the hand payout requirements. For this second taxable jackpot, won so soon after the first, I could not offer them my I.D. It was still in the hands of the first slot operator! I did still have my player card, though. Thankfully, they seemed to understand and accept that circumstance. They proceeded to complete the paperwork, clear the machine, and go away to retrieve my hand pay jackpot. I repeated this process yet a third time on the next machine in the row of slot machines. In this way, clearly using this strategy, I won three taxable jackpots within minutes with an actual playing time of about – minutes. There are, as with most winning strategies, There are, as with most winning strategies, downsides when taking advantage of this pattern that savvy players should be aware of. First, it’s a highly obvious pattern. Not only is it relatively easy to figure out, it is easy to notice when someone else is doing it. Second, if a player sits down at the next machine and notices that the last spin was a win, then they may need to skip that slot machine.

In my experience, using this strategy # is the only method I’ve found that sometimes can result in a jackpot from a $ slot machine, a denomination I usually completely avoid. It’s worth pointing out that playing to this pattern can be highly disruptive to employing other winning patterns, strategies, or approaches. Why? Because it’s such a cheap way to win at slots! When taking a relatively small bankroll is more than enough money to win with, with even less probably being enough, why bother trying another approach that requires a larger bankroll, takes more time and energy to succeed, and still has the potential to lose that larger bankroll when unsuccessful?

This winning pattern is disruptive to gambling because it hardly seems like gambling. It either works, or it doesn’t, and either way the experience is over quickly. Perhaps these consequences matter to individual players. It depends on each player’s style of gambling. Specifically, whether this winning strategy has a positive or negative impact on your gambling goals depends on what your gambling goals are. Its main disadvantage is that it’s not fun, because it’s over quickly once all machines have been played once, and few players club points are earned because of the small bankroll needed. But if your goal is to make money, well … Only Winning Immediately is for you. To optimize this winning strategy, figure out how many bets to make. I sometimes call this strategy my -pull method. But why bets? Why not bets or bets? We’re taking advantage of a standard casino business practice. The casino wants to give a player new to the machine a quick taste so they don’t get up and leave.

The casino wants them to stay, spend that small win, and proceed to empty their pockets into the machine. In essence, I’m saying do the opposite Leave once you’ve gotten that taste. Move on and collect them from machine after machine. But how long should you play each? I like to give the machine a chance to give me a taste. Five chances seemed to work best for me, because I’d leave on an earlier bet if I won anything. That’s all the taste you’ll get. If you get more than one taste, they’re not tastes any more. Something else is going on. I use five bets because it’s not very wasteful. But some slots enthusiasts have a bit of success with three bets, which has the advantage of requiring an even smaller bankroll. Others prefer to use ten bets, even if it costs more. You get to decide how many bets work for you. Just remember that using bets isn’t using this strategy. I’ll see you next time. Be sure to subscribe to this channel, which helps grow our community of slots enthusiasts. Stick around for more of my winning slots strategies! Have fun, be safe, and make good choices! Bye!


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