How to beat the bookies

had a surefire way to make money off the

bookies but with no risk attached I

simply had to find out more so why are

we here a tennis court in the middle of

Sussex we’re here to see court siding

today court siding is basically cheating

it’s getting on a point before the

umpires press the button and the

bookmakers have applied they’re in play

delay right okay why why why tennis

tennis is is dynamic and it’s catatonic

so big things happen on every point

and although points happen quickly okay

so the balls is this court siding racket

well most gambling apps allow you to bet

live in play on the outcome of a single

point of game court sighting works by

having someone physically at the match

to exploit time delays of just a few

seconds between a point being won or

lost and the umpire inputting the score

to an electronic device the info from

the umpire is transmitted to the bookies

around the world so they can update the

odds on their services

but the courts either shares that same

information faster with a partner in

crime who can place a bet instantly on

the outcome of something that’s already

happened so we go around the world

trying to find slow umpire exactly we

will go to a tournament and we go old

woman with gray hair she’s there they’re

undoing their case that they’re sliding

it to the side they press the arms but

at their pincode and i have one in

romania he had to put his pincode in for

every point yeah and he couldn’t find a

way around it how often will you court

side I would say we Eames courtside

tennis about weeks a year

Wow just an England no well I know no

mate mainly in America right

we were also expanding we had a lot of

success in South Africa last year I’m

going to Uganda soon

Canada’s and Canada’s a good one you

want to keep away from Europe right why

because it’s teeming with court ciders

right okay yeah so when you are

courtside in how do you how do you

communicate with each other well in the

old days we used to just I used to just

do it on my phone I’d be there that was

great cuz I didn’t have to share any of

the profits but now you would just be

gone right headphones they’re not you’ll

be gone as well

so I eighteen months ago I decided the

thing to do was grow my hair cover by M

ear and put the Bluetooth in and to

basically hide your Bluetooth ID the

Bluetooth you’d be looking to make last

year me and my business partner I would

have cleared a million pounds from the

court siding what mate um yeah the only

problem is that obviously there’s

humongous expenses so that won’t be ver

the profit but I sort of hope to make

three to three hundred fifty thousand a

year profit so but the one incentive is

I hate absolutely hate the bookmakers I

just I couldn’t think

of worse Pete well you could think of

worse people they’re not far

you turn the lever they you don’t like

them dear no no no I just I just feel

like they’ve contributed some some

terrible things and you know I find

nearly destroy my whole life that’s

going hungry or that sort of thing

because I was addicted to roulette

machines and you know just just hate it

court siding is not illegal but it does

break the T’s and C’s of the betting

operators and it’s outlawed by the

governing bodies of tennis it also

requires the use of multiple betting

accounts so Joe buys accounts from other

people again this is not illegal but

very much breaks bookmakers rules here

we go

Joe’s in position and ready to courtside

in Florida hello

what are you watching well second game

for to this was already incredibly

confusing and I was feeling pretty lost

I knew the theory of what was going on

Joe was telling me to bet on the player

serving or the player returning the ball

and I had to get the bet on before the

umpire called the point won’t apply but

doing all that under time pressure was a

different story

it was saying or even suspended



and bounce and bounce

yep pay the balance on purpose

a return to one’s five bones

mm I’m afraid we were getting on a roll

and I finally finally felt like I was

beating the bookies balance to one nine

eight two thousand pounds on the server

– tonight we’re freshen the balance

refreshing the balance one second okay

in the part is balance

calling server the Naylor to for

steak pounds two and a half grand

on one to five if you come through yet

I’m doing we know this it’s come through

pounds Joe yeah listen I was good

though thank you Joe it means the world

listen we’ll give you a shout tomorrow

that is mad I was on the phone to a man

in Florida that was trying to find slow

umpires found slow umpires we started

off with quid we’ve got three

thousand three hundred and thirty one

pound daddy’s insane

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