Poker Tournament

Hi, I’ve been playing poker

professionally for the last ten years

and these are my top five tips for low

buy-in big field poker tournaments

number five capitalize on other players

mistake I think early on especially with

these big fields and the structure of

the tournament a lot of people get a

little frenzy then they think okay I

have to get my hands on a lot of chips

quick or they start kind of playing the

same tempo as their opponents of this

you know wanting to reenter rebuy and

gambling a lot and I think that you’re

putting yourself in a much better

position when you are sitting back a

little bit more and capitalizing on all

of these players that are making these

mistakes then being the ones to rush in

headfirst and get too involved and then

make all of the mistakes yourself number


play in position and target the weak

opponent I think there’s still a lot of

great spots to be active so just because

you might be playing a tighter style

doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved

in pots that are easy to win especially

when it comes to situations like raising

in late position against several people

a lot of times you’re going to be able

to pick up the pot before the flop and

you’re not even really going to have to

do much it’s nobody likes to play out of

position that’s just plain and simple

people feel like they’re on the defense

and it’s really great in poker when

you’re on the offense and everyone else

is on the defense and playing in

position helps you do that and you

should also be targeting the weaker

opponents at your tables when a weak

opponent opens the pot and another weak

player calls behind them and you’re in

position these are the pots that you

should be much more willing to get

involved in especially because not only

do have position but because of the

players that you’re going to be up again

because these weaker opponents are the

type where they’re going to overplay

their hand and if you you know have a

really good flop you’re going to be able

to stack them or if you know they don’t

hit the board they’re very likely to

give up because they’re weak and more

and you can take down a pot without even

having a big pan so playing marginal

holdings in the spots in position is

actually really beneficial because of

who your opponents are number three look

for a good spot to bet shove when you

have big blinds typically in these

tournaments there’s a point you know

several levels in where most of the

shafts get very shallow means you have

anywhere from to big blinds back

and at this point you don’t really want

to be calling many hands off of that

Shack and there will be aggressive

players at your table that will

recognize that most of the stacks at

their table is in the appointed big

blinds – known where they’ll just be

pounding the blinds and raising every

cash because of it because they know

you’re kind of handcuffed to going

all-in or folding and I think the best

way to combat these kinds of aggressive

players that are raising a lot is to

find spots where you should see that

shove you’re stacked against there open

and the reason why is to big

blinds matches a really good stack to do

that with it’s because you still have

fold equity meaning you still have

enough chips that they can’t just call

you with any two cards or any hand that

they range with but it’s also a really

effective way to pick up you know ten

fifteen to twenty percent of your stack

essentially depending on where the antes

are and how big lies are without even

having to go to showdown and you’re not

really risking your tournament life well

obviously the first part is recognizing

which one of your opponent are the ones

that are opening very very wide but then

the second part is figuring out what is

also a hand with beasts and equity that

it’s called would play well again what

they’re opening with and I would say you

know AB really good example that is I’m

much more weighted when I three that

shove with big like that towards hand

like Jack ten suited or you know king

queen suited than a X because if you

threw that shove with a set and you get

called by you know

any ace that’s going to have you crushed

then you’re in a horrible spot but if

you read that shove with Jeff concluded

and you get called by a king they’re

actually not that far behind so you just

have to know which hands are going to

play well against the hands that are

opening that are willing to call your

steps but oftentimes you can expect that

those problems are sold to your sex

number two don’t be afraid of the bubble

it’s extremely important when you’re on

the bubble to recognize that this is an

opportunity for you to get a lot of tips

and to amass a big stack without having

to risk a lot of chips because at this

point most of the opponents at your

table are kind of trying to just squeeze

into the money so they’re not really

willing to play a lot of hands they’re

definitely not calling in marginal

situations they’re just fearful of

having to put their tournament light

light that space at some point in the

hand and then they just end up not

playing any hands at all and I think a

lot of people have that common fear of

you know getting that close to finally

being on the bubble and then just

wanting to make it past that

complications being in the money and I

think whether you have a huge back or

just an average stack I think you should

really hone in on the opportunities

where you can easily take down pots with

very little resistance because a lot of

times you get people that are defending

their blinds but during the bubble

people kind of stop defending their line

so if you have weak opponents that you

know are trying to squeeze in to the

money or they have shorts back from the

blinds then you should always be trying

to raise and target those specific

people in the blinds at that time I also

think that during level play there’s a

lot of players that will raise because

they think it’s easy but then they won’t

really call bet so I think that’s also

a good situation to kind of take note of

when you see that someone starting to

abuse the bubble in in their minds which

is raising a lot of pots maybe but you

also know that they’re somewhat afraid

to play a big pot especially out of

position then you can take that

opportunity to start -betting those

players like in position number one

start building reads for the final table

before you get there so I think most

people think of the term

as two separate tournament the

tournament all the way up to the final

table and the one the final table begins

it’s a completely different tournament

and to me I think it’s really important

to know that they are not two separate

tournaments and you’re not waiting to

get to the final table before you even

get there you should be building reads

on your opponents and recognizing

patterns in the way that they play and I

think the best time to do that is when

you’re down to about five tables in

return iment because at that point with

they’re always doing a redraw at three

tables and sometimes even at two tables

you’re going to have played with all of

your opponents that you will be playing

if you were to make the final tables

before you even make the final table and

that’s why it’s also really important to

pay attention even if you yourself are

not involved in the hand I think a lot

of players they start zoning out when

they’re not in the hand and you know

they’ll be on their phone or whatever

but you’re missing out on so much

valuable information because they’re

still going to end up turning their

hands over a lot of times against these

opponents and then you’ll be able to

pick up on what hand

what kind of hands they’re playing and

what kind of hands are willing to go

all-in with

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