Tips for poker micro stakes

game poker things were a lot different

micro stakes were basically like playing

play money and all you had to do is just

show up and just not be a complete

donkey and you’d win today things have

changed most micro stakes players have

done at least a little bit of research

or have found some charts or have some

kind of basic strategy to follow the

number of fish in the games is just

getting fewer and farther between

however that doesn’t mean that you can’t

still win easily at the micro stakes you

just need to stick to a few guidelines

in order to succeed here are my top

eight tips for crushing the micro stakes

so that you can move up as soon as


micros is not a place to be fancy in

your play you aren’t there to impress


besides trying to level a bunch of

players playing on level or of a one

pretty absurd when you think about it

instead you should mostly play on level

two just as a default which basically

means that you just play based on what

you think your opponents have in their


the main key here is to overwhelm your

opponents with adherence to the

fundamentals and not try to outplay them

in marginal spots one rule of thumb is

if you are not a hundred percent sure

that a particular decision is decisively

Plessy v you should probably be trying

to keep that putt small

there are three core fundamentals in

poker position initiative and pressure

layers at the micros tend to call and

play out a position way too much

capitalize on this by playing more hands

and late position

because poker at its core is a battle of

the blinds if you focused most of your

attention on stealing spots the rest

tends to take care of itself basically

raise as many hands as you can within


while calling as little as possible out

of position in the blinds most micro

stakes rigs play horribly in the blinds

so you can capitalize on this by playing

more hands in position than they do so

don’t feel pressure to defend your

blinds aggressively there aren’t usually

going to be that many people following

an aggressive stealing strategy like you

are but there’s really no need to go

crazy with defending a great thing about

playing this way is that it teaches you

to look for spots to be aggressive in

and doesn’t allow you to fall into a

trap of being overly passive you want to

avoid nearly all passive play and strive

to be aggressive in every single

decision you make this leads me to our

next subject

only a few years ago even mentioning

this concept would have been pretty

silly right

I mean reg battles at the micros you got

to be kidding me right now it’s not

really a joking matter anymore there are

more regs now than ever have been at the

micro stakes there using complicated

HUDs and trying to exploit the other

rigs with this in mind there’s still no

need to start making these complicated

light for bets or fighting marginal

hands at three bit pots my advice is to

just table select a little bit better

then you used to have two of these

stakes and just leave tables where you

have these new aged agro micro stakes

players behind you we’re obviously just

getting out of line and trying to

exploit you with HUD

there is no need to get into unclear

battles right now while you are still

learning instead of trying to attack

regs just try to play equilibrium

against them or avoid them and instead

focus on exploiting players with big

weaknesses stick to the obvious

profitable spots and let the

fundamentals win for you there’s plenty

of time to review these hands later and

start learning on how to adjust to these

aggressive players then at the micros

it’s perfectly fine to forget about

balancing and any of those other

advanced concepts just bet big with big

hands add bet small with your marginal


there simply will not be enough people

to exploit you at the micro stakes to

really worry about it the amount you

gain by getting maximum value and the

amount you save when your hand is

marginal will more than make up for the

two guys at your stake that might

actually be capable of effectively

exploiting your bet sizing

this is a big trap I see a lot of

players fall into they get their heads

so far up their HUD that they forget to

learn to play poker my advice is to

either play by observation only don’t

even use a HUD or use a very basic HUD

don’t fall into the trap of thinking you

eat a hood that gives you deep read on

your opponent’s first of all you

probably will not even know how to use

this information properly and secondly

while learning the game you need to be

focusing on learning to read a table

dynamic that goes beyond HUDs for

example if a guy has just lost a huge

pot and now raises from middle position

on the very next hand you can be fairly

sure his ranges might be different than

what his HUD says the vast majority of

players still allow recent results to

change their play and they probably

always will I mean that’s just human

nature right

learn to recognize things like this and

you will be gathering vital information

and skills that will help you immensely

at small stakes and beyond the end game

of poker is about adjusting to the

overall table dynamic better than your

opponent’s get started with that way of

thinking right now at the micro stakes

learn to be creative and in fact or

human psychology into your decisions

this is actually probably the most

important tip of all I could give you

throughout your poker career I mean

nothing’s more important than this your

bankroll is the lifeblood of your poker

career right

doesn’t really matter what bankroll

management plan whether it’s aggressive

or conservative just pick a plan and

stick with it

we’re building your initial bankroll I

recommend having buy-ins before you

move up to your next stake if you drop

below by ends either reload some more

money I mean that is an option your

micros right

or just move down until you build back

up don’t ever let your bankroll get low

where you have this feeling that your

back is against the wall that will

definitely cause tilt issues and make

you play bad it’s just it’s just

guaranteed okay so there are times where

it’s okay to slow play for example like

I don’t know you have a monster hand and

you’re trapping a maniac however at the

eye crows you should be erring on the

side of just aggressively betting your

value hands and building that pot in

order to maximize value the biggest sin

you can commit at the micro stakes or

pretty much any state for that matter is

to consistently get the minimum value on

your biggest hands so unless you have a

really good reason and can back it up

with sound logic bet or raise

relentlessly with your nut hands trust

me your win rate will thank you I know

this sounds kind of like odd or

counterintuitive right I’m not saying

that you shouldn’t be doing a lot of

study when you’re learning the game

we’re trying to beat the micro stakes

however I feel some people just pick it

too far and study way too much when

they’re first starting out a lot of

people just end up just learning to

speak poker and not really ever learning

how to play the actual game

I recommend that you first learn a basic

strategy learn the fundamentals etc all

that stuff but then take that

information and play a huge amount of

volume in order to develop your own

style start learning to be a feel player

right now it will pay huge dividends

later when you face tougher competition

and by feel I mean building your ranges

deciding on what ranges to play in every

situation based on more than just the

raw head stats you’re seeing or whatever

always consider the history both past

and recent what’s going on right now

before choosing a course of action I

mean the human element is really what’s

what poker is all about right this

information that you gain by paying

attention is called the table dynamic

also once you have a ton of experience

you will be better equipped to leak bust

in your game advocate that when you go

through a period where you’re studying

and reading a lot like probably right

now right you’re making notes you’re

coming up with a core game plan but once

you have kind of exhausted kind of a

gone brain-dead to it did you flirt at

all you could learn for right now right

you need to just go play and play and

play I mean I suggest that you spend %

of your time playing or a month or two

and if you get stuck in like and L or

and L or whatever and haven’t moved up

by the time those couple months are over

just take a break from playing go study

some more or hire a coach do some leak

busting and then go play another large

sample size just rinse and repeat this

process as you go until you are actually

beating and elm over a pretty

significant sample size of like I don’t

know fifty thousand or a hundred

thousand hands

now once you’re doing that and you

actually have this large sample where

you’re beating and now you can

consider yourself an intermediate player

you’re no longer a beginner anymore and

you’re ready to start taking shots at

the small stakes while macro sticks cash

games are getting tougher to beat every

year they are still the best place to

learn poker in my opinion the good news

is if you can crush I have an L and L

and an L in cash game say at or

big blinds per you will be a much

better small stakes player when you

actually do move up

you will also be able to beat

tournaments or sit and goes or any of

these other softer forms of Poker and

vitsin Lee if you choose to change to

that format

ultimately the hardest workers in poker

can still make a lot of money

and the fact that you are watching this

video means that you have what it takes

to succeed I hope these tips will help

you start crushing the games right now

and achieve all of your poker goals

thanks for watching

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