Tricks Casinos don’t want you to know

no one takes cheating more seriously

than casino owners and that’s because

they know they could stand to lose a ton

of money

so if casino security noticed something

fishy going on between two players they

can turn to high-tech equipment such as

non obvious relationship awareness or

Nora software for help

Nora scans massive databases of

information on transactions cheaters

employees and other people of interest

and recognizes relationships that may

not be obvious at first glance it can

also detect relationships between

multiple people by identifying similar

data in their backgrounds for example

Noor a koto security personnel that are

dealer and player at the blackjack table

used to share the same address and phone

number and they were both arrested for

the same fraud case in need more

proof of Nora’s power

well after / the Department of

Homeland Security began using the

technology to help identify links

between potential terrorists number nine

free drinks it’s the oldest trick in the

book get punters hammered on free drinks

and the casinos take all of their money

if you’re gambling in Vegas cocktail

waitresses with trays full of various

drinks will never be too far away but

why is free alcohol so readily available

well it keeps players satisfied and

cheerful and makes them even more daring

with their money that means they’re

likely to wager even higher amounts or

even risk it all but most importantly it

makes the smart players sloppy if you’re

a gambler who uses basic strategy in a

game of blackjack alcohol will slow your

brain therefore corrupting your ability

to make the proper decisions free drinks

are great but don’t let them force you

to remortgage your house

number eight labyrinth design casinos

are essentially giant mazes designed

intentionally for you to get lost in a

sea of machines and tables create

obstacles that stop hunters from leaving

and instead encourage guests to go back

to try their luck one last time in most

casinos you’ll find there’s no logical

arrangement a bank of SWAT machines

might be in one location that another

bunch of the same exact machines could

be around the corner from that typically

casinos will have low ceilings too it

could prevent someone from seeing any

signs on the walls that may help orient

them as for locating the bathroom or

cashing out your chips good luck often

these services are wasted as far back in

the casino as possible this is a

last-ditch effort to keep you in sight

since you have to walk through the whole

place again and pass all those tempting

machines and tables for many especially

those have been taking advantage of the

free cocktails finding the way out or

bathroom is like participating in a

large interactive brain teaser number

ships instead of cash have you ever

wondered why you use chips and not cash

in casinos well the reason is pretty

simple chips don’t feel like real money

so you’ll end up betting more casino

owners know you’ll read gamble them

without hesitating or feeling guilty and

you’re probably not going to cut the

chips like you would with real money

basically it’s a matter of psychology

for instance if you wanted a place a

$ bet on blackjack and all you had

was cash you would have to sit there and

count out the currency this would give

you time to think about your decision

instead of throwing down a single chip

and taking an impulse gamble beyond this

chips are also used because they provide

casinos with an extra layer of security

some casinos add RFID sensors to their

chips this allows them to keep track of

their high denomination chips and easily

detect frauds so if someone comes in

with some clever counterfeits the chips

would not authenticate and that could

end up saving the casino a lot of money


number stop the clocks

when was the last time you saw a clock

in a casino you can’t remember candy

well that’s because there aren’t any

clocks in casinos you see without clocks

our dawning the casinos walls it’s easy

for punters to let time slip away as

they played deep into the night

whether it be it’s a slot machine or

baccarat table most people are in a

trance-like state while chasing their

dreams of winning the big bucks and

that’s exactly what the casinos want

don’t expect to get the time from

dealers either since they’re told not to

wear watches for this very reason so to

stop yourself getting caught out the

next time you go to a casino

it will probably be best to wear a watch


freebies alcohol isn’t the only thing

casinos give away for free players will

have to receive coupons for free meals

birthdays shows or play cards which

enable them to win other prizes all of

these comps make players both low and

high rollers be important so even if

they lose they feel as if they gain

something and are more likely to return

but other casinos just being good hosts

to their patrons not really it’s all

calculated to keep them there so they

play more and longer take for instance

the loan companies smart money who

recently went on a visit to Vegas to

test the MGM Mirage Players Club cards

after minutes on a treasure island

casino cent slots they had enough

points for a free t-shirt which spent

$ in the process the reality is that

whatever casinos giveaway in perks they

make back hundreds of times over and the

same people awarded the cops number for

no windows so we know there’s no clocks

in casinos but you won’t be able to

gauge the time by looking out the window

either because most up to not have any

at all in most casinos there might be

windows near the entrance or exit but

once you get inside you’d be

hard-pressed to see any at all when the

casino gets you in and gambling they

don’t want you to have any inkling of

what’s occurring in the outside world

they know if you were to see it getting

dark outside or even getting light with

the dawn your internal clock would kick

in and tell you it’s time to leave and

do something else like go to sleep in

addition they don’t want you to see

anything remotely interesting happening

outside after all if you’re playing in a

casino in the Las Vegas Strip

there’s plenty enough visual stimulation

outside to draw anyone’s eye

number three Big Brother watches

everything casinos make billions of

dollars every year so it’s hardly

surprising that the security is

infamously tight nowadays gambling

facilities use state-of-the-art CCTV to

monitor every square inch of their

establishments the MGM Grand Las Vegas

has more than cameras which

connected monitors with this level

of technology at their disposal they can

even zoom in on your cards and follow

you through the building to establish

that you’re not cheating in fact most

gambling establishments are now equipped

with some form of facial recognition

software that monitors you as soon as

you enter the door so straight away

casinos can flag individuals of Shady

Records customers with gambling

addictions and even underage guests once

you’re in if you win big or you’re on a

major hot streak the Big Brother eyes in

the sky are always watching you number

two he didn’t fees a stay at a casino

hotel is never cheap but hidden payments

can make it all the more expensive

commonly known as resort fees these are

daily charges tacked on to the hotel

bill for resort amenities keeping them

off the aboveboard cost of the hotel

room is just a way to bump up what you

thought was a reasonable bill in Las

Vegas you’d be hard-pressed to find a

hotel that does not charge a resort fee

and it can be anything in the region

from $ to $ per night per room

generally the fee includes amenities

such as Wi-Fi shuttle service a

newspaper and the inland phony is not

just hotels that have hidden fees in

Vegas though some restaurants at a

sneaky .% concession of franchise fee

known as a CNF to all bills what’s it


will it can’t be for something as

ridiculous as the restaurant being in a

primary estate location and it’s applied

to an entire bill including taxes that’s


attacks or attacks


number one lights sounds and sense as

you know by now casino design is

integral to making money and it doesn’t

stop at the floorplan or the lack of

windows and clocks the entire atmosphere

is purposefully designed to seduce

people into gambling enter into any

casino and there’s constant stimulation

from bells ringing – siren light lights

flashing it all gives the impression

that everyone is winning when in reality

most of losing that’s because even as

people are pissing their savings away

the machines they’re playing on are

still blaring out euphoric sound

attracting others to join in the fun on

top of this thanks to research that are

shown the bright state can open people’s

wallets nearly every strip resort

blaster Lurie smells through the air

vents metal devices attached to the

ventilation system vaporize highly

aromatic and shockingly expensive oils

into the ducts where the air flow

dilutes and distributes them it can cost

a whopping five hundred thousand dollars

or more a year to perfume a large Resort

in Vegas each resort supplied by scent

science company aroma cyst has its own

signature smell the Mirage most

polynesian Mandalay Bay smell Southeast

Asian and the Bellagio has the scent of

northern Italy so that was tricks

casinos don’t want you to know which of

these were you most shocked by let us

know in the comments and if you enjoyed

this video why don’t check out dark

secrets brands don’t worry – no playing



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